Equity & Diversity

Welcome to the office of Equity & Diversity

The Office of Equity and Diversity coordinates programming to support the University in fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment.


Mission Statement

Quincy University Equity & Diversity Office seeks to promote the value of inclusion, diversity and leadership amongst the QU campus and community. As we begin to develop active and global citizens, the Office of Equity & Diversity promotes critical thinking as well as an awareness and respect of cultural diversity through many of our advocacy and awareness programs. The office also encourages students to pursue co-curricular involvement which can come in the form of club/organization involvement, cultural awareness event participation, or through volunteerism.
This office fosters an environment that respects all people regardless of background (race/ethnicity, religion, gender, orientation, ability, status/class, age, etc.).

Vision Statement

In order to effectively realize the mission, the office of Equity & Diversity seeks to:

  • Equip students with the knowledge, tools, and resources to be leaders
  • Educate on the importance of cultural awareness of both self and other communities
  • Enlighten and transform mindsets to be open to change
  • Engage in healthy discussions to promote change and social action
  • Empower students to become independent critical thinkers who in turn are confident leaders

Philosophy Statement

Discover. Engage. Shape. Transform.

The office seeks to help students discover how they want to be connected or involved with the campus at QU and engage them in activities and/or organizations that meet this discovery. We want students to be open to how this new found involvement will shape their time here at QU and transform these experiences so that they are even better for those who will follow.


Visit the Office of Student Development to make an appointment or get involved!
Francis Hall, Suite 121

Follow current cultural events on our calendar and on Quincy University’s social media channels!

Report incidents of bias or discrimination here.

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